4minute’s HyunA and So Hyun in a Cat Fight?

We just found a photo that could be a cat fight for the ages! 4minute’s HyunA and So Hyun were spotted (playfully) pulling each other’s hair, creating a wild scene in what looks to be the group’s waiting room.

On May 10, 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun tweeted the photo with the message, “Someone please stop our maknaes.” In the photo, HyunA and So Hyun are both making painful facial expressions, as they are just about to get on a wild hair pulling fight. It’s unclear what prompted this situation, but with their cute outfit and sweet expressions, male fans are sure loving every moment of it.

Netizens commented, “They’re so adorable,” “Don’t fight girls~” and “I love you So Hyun, but you do not hurt my HyunA.”

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