Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Explains "MTV IGGY" Incident on "Happy Together"

Remember this controversy? The Girls’ Generation had appeared in an interview with MTV Iggy that was broadcasted live in New York City’s Times Square. Taeyeon looked completely devoid of energy, she was caught propping her head on her first. Her professionalism was questioned, SM Entertainment stated that she had the flu and was tired.

On the recent episode of “Happy Together” broadcast on May 10. Taeyeon addressed the controversy. She stated, “During a broadcast I was looking at the monitor. However, that moment was captured and it caused controversy. It was a controversy caused by a mere captured moment.”

Jessica added, “On that day Taeyeon was in bad shape.” Jessica thought it was unfortunate that Taeyeon sparked controversy and had people question her professionalism, when she did the broadcast despite not being in a good condition.

The episode of “Happy Together” broadcast on May 10 was a “Girls’ Generation vs. Gag Generation” special.