Lee Hyori Goes Camping with Kim Jae Dong, Lee Chun Hee, and Jang Bum Joon

On the most recent episode of “Golden 12,” Lee Hyori went outdoor camping in Jeju with Kim Jae Dong, Lee Chun Hee, and Jang Bum Joon from Busker Busker. Because all the other female participants in the Jeju trip had to go back to Seoul for different reasons, Lee Hyori remained the only female in the group. 

Kim Jae Dong joined the camping crew late, but he did not disappoint Lee Hyori nor the viewers. Kim Jae Dong and Lee Hyori continued to bicker and made everyone laugh. One might have expected Lee Hyori’s romantic outdoor camping experience with three guys, but instead, the night at the camp site turned into a comic, honest, and cheerful one.

Lee Hyori asked sharp questions to Kim Jae Dong and Lee Chun Hee, catching them off guard. She first asked Kim Jae Dong, “You’ve become the icon of sexual suppression. What’s with that?” When Lee Chun Hee talked about going camping with his girlfriend, who is now his wife, before getting married, Lee Hyori asked, “So when you guys went camping, did you only have one tent for the two of you?”

Also on this episode, Kim Jae Dong expressed comic and yet serious jealousy towards Lee Hyori’s cat for being loved and kissed by Lee Hyori everyday. For lonely bachelor Kim Jae Dong, the cast and crew of “Golden 12” created a comic romance on the spot with stylist Han Hye Yeon.