Fans Put Video Messages on the Streets of Seoul to Celebrate Lee Min Ho’s 6yr Anniversary

Actor Lee Min Ho‘s fans got together for a very special 6th anniversary gift. Members of Lee Min Ho’s fanclub MINOZ created two versions of video clips to celebrate 6th anniversary of his official debut. These videos were featured in three major video billboards in Seoul. 

The first video clip is about 20 seconds long and includes Lee Min Ho’s characters from all of his dramas since 2006. Fans also added special comments to this video saying, “An actor sent from the above Lee Min Ho, we cheer for your to soar higher,” and “Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, from MINOZ all over the world.”

The second version of this celebratory video includes loving messages from Lee Min Ho’s overseas fans. Fans from 30 countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, as well as Peru, Russia, Iran, and India, participated in this event. These international fans submitted all their materials only two days after the initial announcement was made by MINOZ Korea. International fans also held their own events locally and/or via internet to celebrate Lee Min Ho’s special day.

The entire event was planned and executed by Lee Min Ho’s fans. Although it is very costly to use video billboards, members of MINOZ from all over the world contributed and resolved the money issue without any trouble. They also created and edited the videos themselves. Lee Min Ho’s 6th anniversary video billboard started displaying on May 10 at 6am KST and both versions of the video will air 100 times a day until May 11 at midnight.

Lee Min Ho saw the video clips on one of the video billboards in Korea late at night on May 10 and expressed gratitude online, “Happy May with my fans! Thank you so much everyone ^^. I will be back with new drama ‘Faith‘” He also treated his fans to a new selca.