EXO-K’s Kai Exposes Sexy Abs in Calvin Klein Jeans Pictorial

Recently, Calvin Klein Jeans revealed promotional pictorials featuring members of EXO-K: Kai, Se Hun, and Baek Hyun. Under the fierce sunlight, the three members of EXO-K expressed boyish freedom of a road trip at the beach. 

In the revealed pictures, Kai, Se Hun, and Baek Hyun are all wearing summer items from Calvin Klein Jeans. Each members added his own unique vibes to ice-wash denim, lightweight colored denim, vintage t-shirts, and shorts, completing romantic summer looks. 

Members of EXO-K got a chance to get away from their busy schedules and city life for this photo shoot. A source reveals that the members kept a close, friendly relationship with all staff members throughout the photo shoot and enjoyed their much needed downtime like any other typic boys of their age. 

Calvin Klein Jeans pictorials featuring Kai, Se Hun, and Baek Hyun from EXO-K will be featured in upcoming June issues of GQ and Vogue Girl

Check out EXO-K’s Calvin Klein Jeans photo shoot below!