YG Reveals Video of 5th Member of New Girl Group

On May 11, YG Entertainment unveiled the video of the fifth member of their upcoming girl group. YG shared a one minute 37 second video under the title, “Who’s that girl?” on their official blog, YG-Life.

In the video, you get to see a 16 year old girl dance to the tunes of strong beats. The video, taken during a group training session, blacks out the rest of the girls, and only highlights this unknown girl’s every movement. The clip ends with a close up shot of the girl, and only says, “The 5th” and “Age: 16.” In the space next to her name and nationality, it only says, “Unknown.”

But according to Star News, YG did confirm this girl to be the fifth member of their new girl group. She’s spent quite some time as a YG trainee, and she’s reported to be half-Caucasian, half-Korean.

So far, YG revealed five members of their new girl group. There haven’t been much information leaked regarding this group, but they’re expected to debut this September. Stay tuned to Soompi for more news!