Ivy’s Sex Tape Rumor Resurfaces

Singer Ivy is struck with yet another fake sex tape scandal. Currently, a sex video featuring a woman who resembles Ivy is spreading quickly among smartphone users through messenger services. The video clip is titled, “I found the so-called nonexistent Ivy Sex Video,” directly contradicting Ivy’s previous statement regarding the existence of a controversial video.

A representative from Ivy’s agency said, “The so-called ‘Ivy Video’ is not even worthy of a response. It’s fake. It’s the same exact fake video that spread out on the internet a few years ago. This is nonsense, Ivy already explained that there is no such thing as ‘Ivy Sex Video’ herself.” This representative added, “Even the managers and other employees at our agency are receiving messages saying that someone has found the ‘Ivy Video.’ If this rumor has reached us, how many other people are getting them?”

Currently, Ivy’s agency is figuring out the entire situation and trying to make a decision whether to take a legal action or not. Previously on May 1, Ivy appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and talked about her sex video. She explained in tears, “When my scandal broke out, a rumor started saying that I have a sex tape. This is very hurtful as a woman. I’m so sad and sorry that I caused such rumor to start. But today, I can say with confidence that there’s no such thing as ‘Ivy Video.'”