TaeTiSeo Reveals the Secret Behind Their Name

Girls’ GenerationTaeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica appeared on the May 10 episode of “Happy Together” that was a “Girls’ Generation vs. Gag Generation” special. TaeTiSeo explained why their name was TaeTiSeo, instead of TiTaeSeo or SeoTiTae (You get the picture right?)

The MC’s asked TaeTiSEo, why their name is in that particular order, and TaeTiSeo answered, “Whenever we are part of a music show we are standing in that order Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. Also, that is the order of our ages.”

They also stated, “Currently the members that wanted to act are acting, and we are together because we wanted to sing.”

Tiffany stated, “Later I would like to find a good role, but right now I want to focus in singing.”

Netizens that came across the news stated, “That was the reason why that name was in that order” and “I thought that there would be something more to it, I am kind of taken aback.”