More Stills of JaeJoong from "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

Jaejoong will be playing “Kim Kyung Tak,” who is a Chosun Era Sergeant on MBC’s “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” C-JeS Entertainment revealed a picture of JaeJoong on May 11 through Facebook. The staff of the show is referring to Jaejoong as the “Visual Sergeant” because of his good looks.

The twitter for the filming location (Korean Folk Village) tweeted, “Currently the drama Dr. Jin is filming at the Korean Folk Village. Kim Jae Joong is like a sculpture. He is so good looking.”

A representative of MBC stated, “I watched Kim Jae Joong during filming and also when he was reading his lines, he is surprisingly good at speaking old Korean. His pronunciation is good and because his visuals are also superior, we believe he will win the hearts of female viewers. We believe he will be loved because he is an elite sergeant that plays buy the book, but is very pure in front of love. Also, he is very good looking.”

The drama will begin broadcasting on May 26. It is based on the Japanese manga “Jin” which was also made into a drama in Japan. The Korean drama will be about South Korea’s best doctor “Doctor Jin” (Jin Hyuk) transporting back to the Joseon period in the 1860s.