What Will YG’s New Girl Group Be Like?

This article will try to figure out what kind of direction YG Entertainment’s new girl group will be going for, according to what information we do have about the members and YG Entertainment’s past groups.

The first interesting piece of information that we learned about the new girl group is that they have a “no plastic surgery clause” in the contract for the members. Also, we know that the group will have more than seven members. (Some sources say that there are 10 individuals training to be members of the group)


Now, here are the pictures of the revealed members.

The First Member: Kim Eun Bi From Superstar K2

On November 21, 2011 we found out that Super Star K2’s Kim Eun Be would be a part of the group. She made it to the “Top Six” during Mnet’s “Superstar K2” and was signed by YGE shortly after her elimination.

Kim Eun Bi’s vocal talents were already shown through “Superstar K2,” I think it is safe to assume that she will be one of the main vocalists.


The Second Member: Kim Euna

She was on the third season of Superstar K as a contestant. On the show she showed a spunky attitude reminiscent of Jo Kwon from 2AM. It looks like she can sing, and she will also play a big role when the girl group appears on variety shows.

Click here to check out a clip of Kim Eunbi and Kim Euna singing.


The Third Member: Jenny Kim

Hailing from Australia, she has a girl-next-door look.


The Fourth Member: ???

We don’t really know anything about her except that she has a more innocent look to her!


The Fifth Member: ???

We know that she is 16, she can dance, and she is half-Caucasion, Half-Korean. Check out her dance video here. I am going to out on a limb and assume that they showed her dancing video because she will be the dancer of the group.

So if we sum up the information from what we know about the group, it looks like we have two singers, one variety show specialist, and one dancer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sixth or seventh member of the group will be shown rapping. Because, with YG groups rapping is integral! (Except in Big Mama’s case)


Just take a look at the successful YG Entertainment’s groups:


In this group, Jinu (Jin-woo) was the main singer while Sean predominantly rapped. They debuted in 1997 with their first song “Gasoline.” They gained more popularity with their second single “Tell Me” that featured Uhm Jung Hwa.

Most of their songs were hip-hop and funk.



1TYM was a hip hop group made up of Oh Jin Hwan, Teddy, Sone Baek Kyoung, and Danny. The leader of the group was Teddy and the lead vocalist was Danny. Everyone rapped, and Danny did both rapping and singing. 1TYM debuted with “One Time for Your Mind.”


Big Bang

Do I have to even introduce them? The group consists of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Although there is a good mix of singing and rapping in all of their songs, rap is an integral part of this group!



Again, do I have to even introduce them? The group consists of Park Bom, CL, Sandara Park, and Minzy. This group also has a good mix with each member doing their part, be it singing, dancing, or just looking pretty! But once again, a lot of their songs involve rapping!


Remember Them? Swi.T?

YG married a member of this girl group (which was YG Entertainment’s first girl group). This group actually did not have any rapping involved, although they did dress very hip-hop, which was hip in the past. I just had to add this in to make this list more comprehensive, but this group was typical of the girl groups during the pre- Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation era.


Guesses About the New Girl Group

In my mind the two things about all YG Entertainment groups is that they are very unique, in that they have their own color and there is a lot of rapping in their songs. I firmly believe that this will also be the same for the new girl group.


The new girl group will debut sometime in September, stay tuned to Soompi.com for more details.