Ga In Embarrassed by Her Poor English Skills

Ga In’s poor English skills have drawn belated interest lately for the way she misinterpreted the English word “skin” for “skinny.”

During the May 5 episode of OnStyle’s “Ga In’s Fashion King,” Ga In held a job interview to hire PR people for her company. Ga In asked one of the applicants, “Please tell me what you thought when you first met me.”

The applicant answered, “Your eyes are really big. You are really stylish. Your skin is very good.” But Ga In responded rather in surprise, “I’m skinny?” drawing the laughs of many viewers. The applicant clarified and explained that he meant “skin” not “skinny.” Ga In, seeming a bit embarrassed of the situation, mumbled some words and blamed the applicant’s bad accent.

Meanwhile, “Ga In’s Fashion King” is a reality program where Ga In turns into a CEO for a fashion PR agency. It airs every Saturday at 11PM KST.