Ha Ji Won Is the Real "Honey Thighs" Girl

Ha Ji Won shows off her own “honey thighs” in a new still from her film “Korea.” In the film, the actress plays Hyeon Jung Hwa, a South Korean table tennis player in the early 1990s, who also had a stint as a model for cosmetics at that time.

The still from the film was unveiled alongside an old photo of the real-life Hyeon Jung Hwa, revealing the filmmakers’ attention to detail in an effort to capture as much of reality as possible.

“Korea” tells the true-to-life events surrounding a unified Korea table tennis team who competed and won the 1991 Chiba International Table Tennis Championships. Bae Doo Na takes on the role of Hyeon Jung Hwa’s North Korean counterpart Lee Bun Hee.

“Korea” opened in cinemas in early May.