Kim Tae Hee Has a Perfectly Proportioned Body

Kim Tae Hee’s perfect body proportion is catching the eyes of netizens. Recently, on an online community board, several pictures were revealed with the title, “Even with Flat Shoes on, Kim Tae Hee’s Body Proportion is Good.”

In the photos, Kim Tae Hee is posing while wearing a red top, white skirt, and some flats. She is giving off an air of elegance and sexiness. Also, she caught people’s attention with her perfect proportion despite her short height.

Netizens who saw the pictures said, “Even her body proportion is good and her face is pretty also,” “I am jealous of Kim Tae Hee’s body proportion with flat shoes,” and “You are smart. Your brother is handsome. You have a nice body. You are truly a winner.”