The Wonder Girls to Make Japanese Debut in July

The Wonder Girls will be entering the Japanese music market this July with their hit song “Nobody.”

Oricon News reported on May 10, “The Wonder Girls will be releasing album ‘Nobody for Everybody,’ which contains the song ‘Nobody ‘in it, on July 25 and making their official Japanese debut.”

After their hit debut with “Tell Me” in 2007, the Wonder Girls had a streak of hit songs afterwards with “So Hot” and “Nobody” and rose to the top tier in K-Pop girl groups. The group also set a record and reached number 76 on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart.

J.Y. Park said during his interview with Oricon, “[The girls] are at a point in Korea where they can’t go any higher. We wanted to challenge something greater.” Member Sohee expressed her feelings and said, “My heart is pounding. I want to meet our Japanese fans as soon as possible,” and expressed her anticipation.

Oricon also expressed its anticipation for the girls and described them as “the last great figure of K-Pop.”