Former Click-B Member No Min Hyuk Appears on "Top Band 2"

On the May 12 episode of “Top Band 2,” Ash Gray’s No Min Hyuk took part in triple tournament with On the Spot and Vanilla City.

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When No Min Hyuk appeared on stage the judges Yoo Young Suk and Shin Dae Chul opened up and said, “You’re a famous person.” No Min Hyuk is a former member of group Click-B. To this, No Min Hyuk answered, “I left the group in 2002. I started Ash Gray starting 2008.”

In the interview conducted before the show, No Min Hyuk revealed, “After I left Click-B, I was an idol past my prime. People would say ‘What is he useful for?’, ‘Do you still do music?’ and ‘You’re a former dancer. What are you doing?’”

He continued, “We were a team that really couldn’t perform because there wasn’t a stage. ‘Top Band 2’ is a great opportunity for us. Everybody has stresses from auditions, but we want to show that we were desperate and thankful. The day has come to show it.”

No Min Hyuk and his band made it to the semi-finals.