The Inside of Goo Hara’s Skirt Magnified in a Japanese Adult Magazine Cover

A famous adult Japanese magazine infuriated Kara fans by magnifying into Kara Goo Hara’s skirt. The picture was put on the magazine’s cover. The magazine is titled “Kanenoi X” and its May issue showed a close up of the inside of Goo Hara’s skirt. The explanation for the pictures was, “A sexy picture of a Hallyu star that cannot be seen from Japanese idols.”

In the special of the magazine, there are also pictures of Girls’ Generation members and Rainbow members.

Korean Netizens stated, “Despite cultural differences, we can’t just stand here and let a neighboring country do such perverse acts,” “Girl groups that are performing in Japan need to be careful,” and “Shouldn’t they be suing the magazine?”

On the other hand, some Netizens are stating, “If you promote in Japan, this is something that you have to put up with” and “This kind of thing is something that Japanese celebrities have to go through as well.”

What are your thoughts?