On May 11-12, “Super Show 4” was held at the Tokyo Dome. All of the seats were sold out and throughout the two days, 110,000 fans went wild. Remember, Super Junior has not officially debuted in Japan nor have they done any specific promotions.

During the May 13 “Super Show 4” press conference, Lee Teuk stated, “The Tokyo Dome is a concert hall that only the top stars get to perform in. We haven’t promoted in Japan but we are thankful that we were able to perform here in such a short amount of time.”

When asked what he believed was the secret behind their success he stated, “I think it is because we broke the conventions for idols. If you look at the path that most Hallyu stars have walked, they focus on mysteriousness, charisma, and a soft image. We are not like that. We give off a free-spirited and friendly vibe. I think that is what our fans like.”

Lee Teuk ended by saying, “Tokyo Dome and other concert halls internationally were not goals we had when we debuted. I am surprised at these unimaginable turn of events and I want to travel around the world and meet fans.”

Super Junior will hold their “Super Show 4” encore concert in Seoul on May 26-27.