Lee Hyori Jams with Boyfriend on "You and I"

On the most recent episode of “You and I,Lee Hyori‘s boyfriend Lee Sang Soon made a special guest appearance as a guitarist for singer Yoon Young Bae‘s stage. Lee Hyori also joined Yoon Young Bae’s performance of “Spider Man” as a featured artist, presenting a perfect harmony with his unique voice. However, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon did not even look at each other while on stage together, disappointing fans who were expecting to see the couple interacting on air.

During this episode, Yoon Young Bae seemed satisfied and proud of having so many talented musicians, including Lee Sang Soon, join him for his performances on “You and I.” Lee Hyori commented, “Yoon Young Bae has this special charm to him that makes you want to help him. I got to know him because he wrote the lyrics for abandoned animals campaign song, ‘Remember.'” 

Viewers and netizens commented, “Finally, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon on stage together!” “Even if they are far apart on the stage, I can tell that they have a great chemistry,” “Lee Sang Soon should’ve said something on air,” and “Next time, you guys should do a duet!”