T-ara Hyomin Playing with a Basketball in Hot Pants

On May 13, Hyomin posted a short comment, “Summer Already,” with a picture of herself. In the revealed picture, Hyomin is wearing shorts with a boxy pink t-shirt and a pair of black flip flops, posing in front of camera at what seems to be a schoolyard. Her shapely legs stay flawless even without the help of kill heels. Behind her stands a summery green forest.

Shortly after she posted the first picture, Hyomin revealed two more pictures on Twitter and commented, “Playing with a basketball.” In these two pictures, Hyomin is at the same schoolyard, in the same outfit as the previous picture. This time, she is playing with an orange basketball, throwing the ball high in the air. She is frolicking with hair air flowing freely in the air, smiling like a happy child. 

Netizens commented, “Hyomin looks like she’s having a blast,” “How does one have that body proportion?” “So is she trying tell us that her superior body is trained by basketball?” and “I want to be that basketball and play with her!”