2PM Nichkhun Looking Intimate with Nam Bora

Earlier today, new stills of 2PM’s Nichkhun and actress Nam Bora for cosmetic brand It’s Skin were unveiled much to fans’ delight. In the photos, both Nichkhun and Nam Bora show off their perfect complexions as they embrace each other like a couple.

With her natural doll-like beauty, along with her superb acting – as proven through her role as Princess Minhwa in MBC “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” – Nam Bora is quickly making a name for herself as an actress and spokesperson. She was recently selected to model for It’s Skin, alongside Nichkhun.

According to a representative of the brand, the two were initially uncomfortable and awkward with each other, and they slowly started to relax when photographer Jo Sun Hee shouted, “Khun! Bora! You guys are a real couple! This isn’t acting!”