YG Reveals Behind Stories About the Creation of the Taiji Boys

YG revealed a behind story about the creation of the Taiji Boys (The Taiji Boys were pretty much the beginning of the more contemporary form of K-Pop).

For the episode of “Healing Camp” to broadcast on May 14, YG appeared on the show and talked about a story that wasn’t revealed before.


YG revealed, “The first time I met Seo Taiji was at a club. Seo Taiji tried to learn dancing from me, and he kept acting like a stalker. Eventually I received a huge amount of money and began teaching him how to dance. However, through a certain turn of events, the lessons stopped and we lost contact.”

YG also stated, “The reason that YG Entertainment was made was through Lee Kyung Gyu’s help.” (Lee Kyung Gyu is one of the MC’s on “Healing Camp.”) 

Find out more about the story on tonight’s episode of “Healing Camp”!