2PM Nichkhun Reveals his Ideal Girl

On yesterday’s episode of MBCSection TV Entertainment News,” 2PM’s Nichkhun revealed his ideal type. “Section TV” visited the studio where Nichkhun and actress Nam Bora were shooting their new CF for It’s Skin. 

During the interview, Nichkhun was asked about his ideal type to which he replied, “I like Soo Ae.” Unfortunately, he faced a short embarrassing moment, as the interviewer could not understand his pronunciation of Soo Ae’s name. Flustered, the interviewer repeated, “Sweat?…Is it a human?” as he looked completely lost. Nam Bora clarified, “Don’t you mean Soo Ae,” clearing up the confusion.

When asked what he liked about Soo Ae, Nichkhun explained, “I really like her natural feel.”

Afterwards, the interviewer apologized to Nichkhun for not being able to understand his pronunciation, and the three had a fun time laughing off the matter.