Taecyeon Turns into Hulk in 2PM’s Version of “The Avengers” Poster

On May 14, 2PM’s Chansung tweeted a playful photo of the group’s members a characters from the blockbuster movie, “The Avengers.”

He wrote, “Perfect synchronization!!!! The Avengers’ 2PM version!!! Kekeke So Jinyoung Hyung brought us all together umhaha Chan-thor keke O-lk keke and Jun-Hawk Eye kekekekeke.”

In the accompanying photo, Chansung replaced each characters’ faces with the 2PM members’ and Park Jin Young’s, giving a good laugh to all the fans. Taecyeon appears as Hulk, Junho as Hawk Eye, Nichkhun as Captain America, Junsu as Iron Man, Chansung as Thor, Wooyoung as Black Widow, and Park Jin Young as Nick Fury.

Netizens commented, “Chan-Thor is awesome,” “This is called 200% synchronization,” and “You guys should film a parody movie!”