Super Junior’s Heechul Faces Mental Breakdown at a PC Bang?

Super Junior’s Heechul seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown, but he’s enjoying every moment of it. On May 13, Heechul jokingly wrote on his Twitter, “Double-Chul. Playing lol with Ui-Chul. Ah, mental breakdown is coming.”

In the shared photo, Heechul is sitting next to actor Jung Ui Chul. They both seem to be in the middle of an intense shooting battle on a computer game. The “lol” Heechul mentioned is guessed to be derived from the wildly popular video game, “League of Legends.”

In particular, fans have taken note of Heechul’s boy-next-door image. He may be one of the most popular members on Super Junior, and he’s also serving the Korean army as public service personnel, yet he looks as regular as any Korean guy you would see on the street.

Netizens commented, “Which PC bang is this?” “That can’t be the face of a mental breakdown,” and “Hee-Nim we miis you!“