KARA’s Han Seung Yeon is attracting attention for her killer heels. Over the weekend, Han Seung Yeon and fellow KARA members, as well as other K-Pop acts, got together at the Seoul World Cup Stadium for the “2012 Dream Concert.” During the red carpet event, the girls of KARA strutted into the venue like goddesses, wearing gorgeous evening gowns.

In addition to the stunning ladies, the photographers noticed Han Seung Yeon’s massive high heels. In order to compensate for her relatively short height, Han Seung Yeon was spotted “floating” on top of heels that look way over 4 inches. This wasn’t the first time Han Seung Yeon sported her magical heels. She also wore them to the press conference for KARASIA’s first solo concert in Seoul this past February. Not only did her heels make her appear taller, but her legs also appeared slimmer and longer. Hence, netizens coined Han Seung Yeon’s glittery pumps the “magical heels.”

Netizens commented, “Those shoes are sooo cute! I wish I had one,” “Looks dangerous,” “Isn’t that bad for your feet,” “No wonder she looked tall,” and more.