Big Bang’s T.O.P Cast in New Movie “Classmate”

Big Bang’s T.O.P will make his return to the big screen through “Classmate,” a blockbuster movie about North Korean espionage agents.

According to Star News, T.O.P has confirmed his casting for the new movie, and is at the stage of discussing the final details of his contract. This will be T.O.P’s first movie in two years, since the 2010 smash hit movie, “Into the Fire,” which landed him the Best Rookie Actor award.

“Classmate,” directed by Park Shin Woo, is about the son of a North Korean spy who follows in his father’s footsteps in order to save his younger sister. T.O.P’s acting has drawn a lot of interest lately and this movie is only going to bolster his acting resume.

T.O.P is expected to start filming for the movie in early July.