[Ceci] Latest Style in Men’s Fashion? Manpris!

Men’s pants are getting shorter and shorter. These days, females aren’t just attracted to strong, muscular legs. They also notice those manly anklebones. Many male celebrities, especially those who are known as “style icons,” have been spotted sporting manpris this season.

You may ask, “Won’t your legs appear shorter with manpris?” Not according to Yoo Ah In’s stylist in drama “Fashion King,” Ji Sang Eun. She advises, “Select skinnies instead of pants that have wide legs. Match tops that are short to make your legs appear relatively longer. You can make your torso appear shorter through horizontally striped tops.”

For ordinary, non-celeb folks, you can play it safe by exposing just your anklebones. In that case, finding the right socks is vital. If you’re wearing a formal suit, go with grey, brown, or other neutral colors. But beware! It’s a slippery slope between chic to ajusshi (middle-aged man) fashion. You should avoid the “ajusshi” look by selecting patterned socks! (In the summer time, you should bravely skip out on socks to create a cooler, fresher look.)  

Jang Geun Suk’s stylist, Lee Min Hyung, stresses, “Because these pants expose your anklebones, it’s vital that you pay more attention to your shoes. You’ll be safe if you choose boat shoes and/or loafers. Sneakers are ok, but if so, you should choose one with neutral colors for a more sophisticated look.

It’s easy to go from fashion terrorist to fashion icon in manpris. However, if you mix and match just right, you’ll definitely turn heads. 

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