Wonder Girls’ Sohee Lost Her Perfect Cola-Bottle Figure?

Just a couple weeks ago, we reported on Sohee’s “perfect cola-bottle figure,” referring to backstage photos that revealed her perfectly proportioned bodyline.

Well, it seems like she might have lost that figure recently as street photos of Sohee disputing her “cola-bottle figure” surfaced online. On May 14, a couple of photos titled, “Sohee’s recent direct shots. It’s not the bodyline I knew of?” was posted on an online community board.

In the photos, Sohee is seen walking the street with her group mate, Ye Eun. Wearing a pair of black jeans with no kill-heels, Sohee’s back shape is in stark contrast to the “all-kill” bodyline she displayed in the photos two weeks ago. Although she’s totally dressed down, failing to reveal any of her curves, netizens expressed their surprise at Sohee’s complete transformation from a sexy muse to a regular girl-next-door image.

Netizens commented, “Was it because of her kill-heels so far?” “She’s still pretty hot,” and “Is Sohee getting old now?”