Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Looks Good in Non-Photoshopped Image

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s non-photoshopped photos are becoming a hot topic.

A recent post was made on an online community forum with the title, “This is How Hyoyeon Looks in Real Life?” along with two photos.

In the revealed photos, Hyoyeon is waiting for her order in a cafe. Her non-photoshopped image still showed off her thin legs and her small head, which awed many netizens.

Hyoyeon is also receiving much love for her appearance in “Dancing With the Stars 2.” Her increasing beauty and her charming interaction with her dance partner are receiving warm praise from the viewers.

Netizens who saw these non-photoshopped photos commented, “Hyoyeon did get prettier! She is definitely a celebrity,” “Her body got better – maybe because she is dancing a lot these days,” “Hyoyeon looks so good blonde. So loveable,” and many others.