Lee Hyori’s Homemade Vegetarian Pizza Gathers Attention

Lee Hyori revealed her very own homemade vegetarian pizza.

On May 14, Lee Hyori posted on her Twitter, “My first homemade vegetarian rucola pizza. But does the rucola go on top of the pizza after it’s been in the oven?” Following her message was a photo of a pizza with cheese, rucola and tomatoes.

Fashion designer Yoni P replied, “Awesome! Looks delicious yam yam.” Other netizens commented, “She is even good at cooking,” “Is cheese okay for vegetarians?” “It’s probably hard to be a vegetarian but I respect you for your actions,” “You are a great cook,” and “How does a vegetarian pizza taste?”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is gathering attention for rocking out on the same stage as her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon on the stage of the music show, “You and I.”