f(x) Krystal’s Childhood Photos Surface on the Web

Childhood photos of f(x)’s Krystal have surfaced the web and are once again becoming a hot topic.

A post was made on an online community forum with the title, “Krystal’s Past Photos from 1994-2009,” along with several photos. The post contained photos of Krystal from her toddler stage to captures of her CFs during her childhood years.

Krystal is known to be a natural beauty and this particular collage of photos seem to prove it further, this caught the attention of Netizens.

Netizens who came across this post and these photos stated, “She is truly a natural beauty,” “So pretty,” and “She grew up so well.”

Meanwhile, Krystal is still being remembered for her role in “Highkick 3,” which ended last March.