Park Min Young Looks Beautiful in a Hanbok for "Time Slip, Dr. Jin"

Park Min Young showed off her beautiful charms in stills for “Time Slip, Dr. Jin.” The stills show Park Min Young portraying “Hong Young Rae” in the Joseon period.

Park Min Young will play both “Yoo Mi Nah” in 2012 who is a doctor and the lover to “Jin Hyuk.” (Portrayed by Song Seung Hun) and “Hong Young Rae” back in the Joseon dynasty.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I can’t take my eyes off of Park Min Young’s stills,” “I didn’t know that a historical drama would fit her so well,” and “I am so excited to watch ‘Time Slip, Dr. Jin’ because of Park Min Young.”

“Dr. Jin” will begin broadcasting on May 26. It is based on the Japanese manga “Jin” which was also made into a drama in Japan. The Korean drama will be about South Korea’s best doctor “Doctor Jin” (Jin Hyuk) transporting back to the Joseon period in the 1860s.