IU and SPICA Kim Boa to Talk About Their Trainee Days on "Strong Heart"

IU will appear on SBS “Strong Heart” alongside SPICA’s Kim Boa and will talk about episodes during her time as a trainee. A representative of the “Strong Heart” production team stated on May 14, “IU will appear on the ‘Strong Heart’ recording that will occur on May 17 with SPICA’s Kim Boa.”

The representative further stated, “IU and Kim Boa spent their trainee days together and are very close. The two will talk about their trainee days. However, some experiences that they will share are those that were not included in the pre-interview with the writers of ‘Strong Heart.’ We hope you anticipate the actual broadcast.”

SPICA is underneath B2M Entertainment and they officially debuted in January 10, 2012 with their single “Potently.” Other notable songs are “Russian Roulette,” and “Painkiller.”

The “Strong Heart” show with IU and Kim Boa will broadcast on May 22 and May 29.