f(x)’s Sulli Was Inspiration Behind IU’s “Peach”

On May 14, IU revealed the secret to her latest single, “Peach,” during a mobile chat session with her fans through me2day.

During the conversation, IU revealed for the first time, “I wrote ‘Peach’ thinking about f(x)’s Sulli, from a man’s point of view.” She didn’t further explain what characteristic about Sulli was so intriguing to write a song about her, but fans seemed to understand what she meant through her lyrics.

There were also a lot of questions regarding her future acting plans. But IU declined to dive into the question too much, and only answered, “I’m still a bit scared, so I’m having a hard time choosing my next show.”

Meanwhile, IU is preparing for her upcoming nationwide tour concert, “Real Fantasy.”

Here’s the full music video for IU’s “Peach” below. Do you see what IU tried to tell f(x)’s Sulli in this MV?