Leessang to Release 8th Studio Album on May 25

Leessang is all set to return to the music scene! The group is ready to release their 8th studio album on May 25.

The album will have an “unplugged” concept and marks the group’s 10th anniversary as performers. The album took some time to finish, according to Leessang’s agency.

In a statement, Jungle Entertainment said “This album took three years to produce and is a highly-prepared album. Leessang has been working on the album since June, 2009. For this album, Leessang held various auditions to gather talented individuals to create their own band, the ‘LeeSsang Traveling Theater’ band. In order to create the sound and groove they wanted, they’ve been producing without end and working together for a while now.” The group also used traditional instruments to create a vintage sound for the album and went all out on renting a recording studio for months to prepare for this album.

On the efforts they’ve made in making this album, Leessang said “The reason is simple. Even in our poorer days, music was a part of our dream. We are doing this to return the love we’ve received from fans and as an investment in our next dreams. We’re not even sure what we will show next, but what we can say for sure is that the new horizons we will pursue for our music will never end.”

Leessang will reveal one of the tracks from the album on May 18, a few days before the album release date. The duo is also busy preparing for “Leessang Theater 2” which is scheduled for July 14 and 15.