Uee Snaps Photo with Rookie Girl Group Hello Venus

After School’s Uee has snapped a photo with the rookie girl group Hello Venus, creating a photo filled with beauty.

On several online portal forums, a post was made called “Definite Beauties Hello Venus,” along with a photo of Uee and the Hello Venus members.

The photo was taken at the backstage hall of “Music Bank” on May 11. Uee along with the six members of Hello Venus are brightly smiling at the camera and making the “V” sign. On this day, Uee brought a cake and various gifts to celebrate and congratulate the debut of Hello Venus. Hello Venus’ eye-catching beauty and their tall heights (average 168 cm) caught the eyes of many netizens.

Netizens commented on Uee and Hello Venus’ beauty and also left congratulatory messages on Hello Venus’ debut.

Hello Venus released their debut album on May 9 and will officially start their promotions through various music programs.