Dalmatian Releases Music Video for "E.R"

After 15 months since their last release, boy group Dalmatian has finally made their comeback with a new mini album and have also released their music video for “E.R.”

Unlike their previous songs, this comeback song features stronger beats and a more mature concept. 

Their new mini album “State of Emergency” was also released today, May 16 in Korea. Along with the title track “E.R.,” other songs included are “Drive“, “Hurt Me” and”Still By Ur Side.” 

We reported earlier this week that the group that the group has undergone member changes for this comeback. Day Day, had to drop out of the group due to personal reasons, and he will be replaced by a new member, Simon. Another member, Dari, enlisted in the Korean army right after their “That Man Opposed” promotion, so will not be able to join the group this time. That leaves Dalmatian as a five member group with Inati, Jeesu, Daniel, Young Won, and Simon.