Lee Hyori to Release Book "Closer: The Story of Hyori and Soon Shim"

Lee Hyori will be releasing her very own book, “Closer: The Story of Hyori and Soon Shim.”

This book will contain the story of Lee Hyori’s pet dog, Soon Shim, who is now just as popular as its owner. Stories of Lee Hyori’s other pet dogs and cats will be told as well. Anecdotes and episodes of their everyday lives, as well as Lee Hyori’s animal protection activities will also be included. All of this will be written by Lee Hyori herself in her own special and honest way.

Lee Hyori will also reveal her story of how a barber’s daughter climbed her way to the top to become a famous star. She explains how she became interested in animal protection and how she decided to become a vegetarian.

The book will also hold many photos taken by famous photographers and Lee Hyori herself. The entire proceeds of this book will be donated to an animal protection organization called, “KARA” (Korea Animal Rights Advocates).