Did Shin Se Kyung Wear Her Skirt Inside Out on “Fashion King?!”

Shin Se Kyung, has yet again, made headlines with her outfit in SBSFashion King.” On Monday night’s episode of the series, she wore a unique skirt that certainly grabbed viewers’ attention.

At first glance, it appeared as if Shin Se Kyung mistakenly wore her skirt inside out, especially because the skirt’s “detail” looked strikingly similar to pockets. As such, many viewers were scratching their heads, believing that the actress wore her skirt inside out.

Netizens commented, “I thought she was too busy and too tired to notice that she wore her skirt inside out. Haha,” “Ohhhhh~ so that’s what it was suppose to look like,” “She fooled me,” “That’s a cool skirt, but I totally thought she wore it inside out too!” and more. Shin Se Kyung matched her khaki skirt with a loose-fitting olive green blouse, creating an overall poised and classy look.