Sooyoung: "Girls’ Generation Lacks Aegyo" + Gorgeous Spread for "High Cut"

In the latest issue of fashion magazine “High Cut,” Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung looked like a living Barbie, flaunting her doll-like face, porcelain skin, and perfect figure. For the spread, she wore the latest spring/summer collection from Tory Burch, showcasing the cool, summery resort look inspired by the 1920s.

During the interview that followed the shoot, Sooyoung talked about her upcoming tvN medical drama, “The Third Hospital,” co-starring Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho, and Kim Min Jung. She confessed, “I don’t have a lot of aegyo (a word that embodies a cute childlike element in terms of characteristic/action/attitude/behavior/etc), and I’m having a difficult time because my character, Eui Jin, is supposed to be full of aegyo.” She continued, “The other girls in Girls’ Generation also lack aegyo when they’re in front of guys, so I have no one to learn from.”

Regarding her life as a Girls’ Generation member, she stated, “I have reached success in my life thanks to other members. While other people my age are busy saving money for college tuition, I feel like the other eight girls and I are on a dream car.”

She also praised fellow member Jessica, “I had no idea Jessica was so interested in fashion. When she was younger, she only wore white tees and jeans. She has such a beautiful figure, and she wears clothes that fit her body. Now, I think she has truly become a fashion icon.”