[Soompi Shop] 2PM’s It’s Skin Sculpt Skin Vibrating Foundation

For all you beauty aficionados/K-Pop fans out there! I’m sure you’ve all had moments where you wanted to purchase a Korean cosmetic product, but couldn’t because those brands don’t exist in your country or because your local vendor marked up the prices…Well, we have great news for you! 

We are happy to present Soompi Shop first item for Korean cosmetic fans around the world! It’s Skin, endorsed by 2PM, is one of many Korean cosmetic brands that are popular throughout Asia. However, what differentiates the It’s Skin is the fact that it is a brand prescribed by dermatologists from Seoul National University, one of South Korea’s top-notch universities. 

The vibration foundation is one of 2012’s hottest beauty gadgets and surely a must-have for all beauty enthusiasts. Soompi Shop will be selling the It’s Skin Sculpt Skin Vibrating Foundation, a handy dandy device + foundation that ensures a natural, flawless coverage. Those who purchase the vibrating foundation are also eligible for two special events! 30 lucky Soompiers will get a chance to win either a 2PM sunblock or a macaroon lip balm! Additionally, the first 100 people to purchase the product will receive a complimentary foundation puff, as well as a compact puff!

The It’s Skin Sculpt Skin Vibrating Foundation will be available for purchase staring May 17, 11AM KST through Soompi Shop!

Remember to get yours soon! There are only 130 units available! 

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