Old School R&B Group As One’s Crystal Getting Married

Crystal Chae of the group, As One, will be getting married on September 16, 2012 at Kang Nam’s Coex Centre to 34-year-old Cho Min Chul. The couple met professionally when Cho Min Chul was working as her manager. The two lovebirds started to date in 2002 and have been together for 10 years now.

Crystal Chae’s husband-to-be is a tall 180 cm and is said to be quite sentimental, with a strong sense of responsibility. He is currently working as a manager for J One Plus Entertainment, which represents celebrities such as Han Ga In and Moon Jung Hee.

Crystal opened up recently on SBS’ Power FM radio station’s “Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Today,” about her relationship: “My boyfriend is not good at singing but when I’m feeling down, he sings Kim Gun Mo’s ‘I’m Sorry’ to me.”

As One is a Korean pop duo consisting of Korean Americans Crystal Chae and Min Young Lee. In January of this year, they released a single, “Only U,” and have been the MCs for TBS Radio’s “K-Popular” channel.

For those not familiar with As One, check out their MV for “Day by Day” below!