Lee Min Ho’s "City Hunter" Fascinates Japan

Lee Min Ho has become the latest Hallyu sensation in Japan. Previously, one of the biggest privately owned broadcasting company Fuji TV aired “City Hunter” with a new title, “City Hunter in Seoul” in February and garnered much attention. As a result, “City Hunter” will start airing again every Tuesday at 7pm on Fuji TV’s cable channel, BS Fuji.

“City Hunter in Seoul” has been almost continuously airing on several local channels since March, proving Lee Min Ho’s grown popularity among Japanese viewers. Fuji TV started a huge promotion, getting ready for “City Hunter” on BS Fuji. They have prepared a wrapping-bus (bus wrapped in advertisements) to route every major streets of Tokyo. Moreover, they have been showing promotional videos of Lee Min Ho on a large video billboard in Shibuya. 

Fuji TV also held a marketing event named “Shibuya Hunter” during the Japanese Golden Week (April 28-May 14). Traditionally, Japanese people spend their time taking trips to different places and enjoying Hanami (Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, especially cherry blossoms) during this time. However, many excited female fans put their special vacation plans aside for a “City Hunter” marathon during this time, claiming “Lee Min Ho over flowers.” 

Numerous Hallyu magazines are also covering Lee Min Ho. Local entertainment business officials explained, “Around the same time ‘City Hunter’ started airing on Fuji TV, Lee Min Ho’s other drama, ‘Personal Taste,” was introduced on TBS. Such double-attack created a synergy effect and boosted Lee Min Ho’s popularity in Japan.” Lee Min Ho’s Japanese fans comment on him, “A cute hunter of the city,” “the man I want,” and “a complete dream package. Dreamy eyes and gentle software equipped with masculine built hardware!” 

As a result of such “Lee Min Ho Fever,” many Japanese TV shows and magazines are eager to have an interview or special coverage on Lee Min Ho. However, all his international promotions has been stalled as Lee Min Ho is solely focusing on filming upcoming drama “Faith.”

A representative from Lee Min Ho’s agency said, “‘City Hunter’ has been nonstop airing on several Japanese TV channels at both national and local level. Due to ‘City Hunter’s big success, we have been getting many inquiries and requests from Japan. However, Lee Min Ho is preparing to start filming ‘Faith’ this month, focusing on learning the script, horseback riding, and action scenes.”