Infinite Releases Pictures with Helicopter from Showcase Tour

On May 15, Infinite held showcases in five major cities in Korea in one day, starting at 9am. They moved from one city to another with two hour intervals in a chartered helicopter. Such unprecedented showcase instantly grabbed fans’ attention as well as the music entertainment industry.

Infinite released pictures from this showcase event. In the photos, members of Infinite posed in front of the helicopter with much confidence and excitement. According to Infinite’s agency, they have facilitated maximum number of equipments and staff for this nonstop showcase tour.

At the showcases, Infinite presented the title song “Chaser” of their third mini album as well as specially remixed stages of “Be Mine,” “Feel So Bad,” and a hidden track from their first album “Over the Top.” After the showcase, Infinite will start their official promotional cycle of “Chaser” on TV music programs.