Girls’ Generation Model Student Seohyun Texts Her Teacher for Teacher’s Day

The model student Girls’ Generation, Seohyun gained attention for her kakao message that she sent to her teacher.

The message read, “Teacher. I really miss you. I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to go see you on ‘Teacher’s Day.’ I am always thankful. After the promotions are over I will go see you with an album! I love you.”

The message was sent to Seohyun’s high school room teacher. (In Korea, students stay in their classrooms and teacher’s go to the classroom.)

The high school room teacher replied with, “I am enjoying your song. I am always watching you with pride.”

Teacher’s Day in South Korea is held on May 15. The day has been celebrated since 1963 in Seoul, and students/former students show their appreciation towards teachers by giving gifts. Usually teachers are given carnations.