JYJ’s Junsu Speaks Out About Not Being Able to Appear on Television

On May 16, JYJ’s Junsu appeared at a press conference for the release of his upcoming album “Xia Tarantallehra.” During the press conference he stated, “It is tiring sometimes because of the fact that I cannot do any broadcast promotions. However, because I cannot appear on television, I focused more on creating a complete album. I tried to express the music in various ways and also a lot of hard work and money was put into the music videos.”

He continued, “Although the fact that I can’t appear on television is not a plus, due to the developments of the internet, you can view many of the clips by searching for them online. If we only focused on promoting in South Korea we would not have put in so much for the music video. The reason is that we know that international fans have access to my music and video clips.”

From May 19-20 Junsu will be holding his first solo concert.