Junsu Explains Reason Behind Returning as “Xia”

JYJ’s Junsu explained the reason behind coming back as his DBSK stage name, “Xia.”

“The name ‘Xia’ is the only word that can fully represent my mixed identity. My circumstances have changed, but I was always the same. I was never really concerned about the way I was called. That’s why I didn’t really change my autograph, either,” Junsu said at a press conference held on May 16 to announce his new solo album.

“The reason I used my real name wasn’t because I hated the name ‘Xia.’ I just needed a name that fit my personality as a musical star. I’m actually surprised that people are making an issue for using the name, ‘Xia,’” he said.

Junsu released his first solo album, “Xia-Tarantallegra,” on May 15, putting his old stage name in the forefront of his promotion. From the 12 total tracks, eight of them are written by Junsu himself. The album features a variety of genres ranging from dance and ballad to R&B and hip hop.

Meanwhile, Junsu will hold his first solo concert for two days on May 19 and 20 in Seoul, before embarking on a seven city Asian Tour.