miss A’s Fei Chosen to Model LG Cosmetics “Cathy Cat”

miss A’s Fei was chosen to represent the LG Cosmetics brand “Cathy Cat.” Fei has been gaining popularity due to her distinct uniqueness since miss A’s debut in 2010.

JYP Entertainment stated on May 16, “Fei who is being loved for being both sexy and feminine has been chosen as the new face for ‘Cathy Cat.’ Through the advertisements she showed off charms that were both innocent and sexy at the same time.” As you can see in the advertisement this is very true!

Her advertisement for lipstick reads, “A girl needs to shine without talking.”

JYP Entertainment stated, “Through Cathy Cat’s advertisement, you will be able to see other charms of Fei. Please give your interest and love.”

Currently miss A’s other member Suzy is also the model for the cosmetics brand, “tn” which is “Teen Nature.”