Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Ha Yi from SBS “K-Pop Star” Pick Management Agency

Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Ha Yi, the finalists from SBS “K-Pop Star,” will soon join YG Entertainment as trainees, Star News said in an exclusive report.

“There are a few ‘K-Pop Star’ contestants that are currently in talks with YGE. Among them, Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Ha Yi are almost confirmed to join them. They haven’t signed an official contract yet, but it’s pretty much finalized at this point,” an official told Star News.

Throughout the first season of SBS “K-Pop Star,” Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Ha Yi showed great interest and good chemistry with YGE’s representative judge, Yang Hyun Suk, on the show. In particular, when Lee Seung Hoon got dropped from the show, Yang Hyun Suk showed tears in his eyes while giving a farewell speech to the aspiring rapper/dancer.

Meanwhile, “K-Pop Star” wrapped up its first season in April and will return with its second season in November.

For those of you who haven’t seen their performances, enjoy the clips below!

Lee Ha Yi

Lee Seung Hoon