Suzy Manages to Look Hot Even without Any Photoshop Effects

Suzy’s non-photoshopped photo has sparked quite a stir online today for her perfect bodyline. On May 16, a photo titled, “Suzy’s real body shot, taken right in front of her,” was posted on a fashion blog, giving fans a glimpse into what the miss A star would like in a casual setting.

The photo seems to have been taken at her waiting room during the group’s “Good Bye Baby” promotions. She’s casually staring into the camera with very light makeup, yet the star singer/actress manages to look as hot and sexy as any K-Pop star. Fans have particularly taken notice of her “perfect cola-bottle” bodyline, wondering if she recently dropped weight to keep her in such good shape.

Netizens commented, “Wow, never knew Suzy was this hot!” “She looks all grown up now,” and “I wish I could take her out on a date!”